сряда, 20 март 2013 г.


I know now that whatever Universe I had been born in, whatever age, world, race, sex, I would have loved the same people. I would have loved them more deeply than I could ever love myself. Whether I met them or not, my being would have been attached, attuned to the very same beings I love and will love now, here. Beings, I have probably loved in a different world, a different story, and will love again in the next one.  The friend, the parent, the lover, the mentor, the love that happens so rarely, most of us believe it doesn't exist at all, including I. But now I know.

We search for these people. We feel, throughout our life as if we are running. Fleeing from some great horror, and in a way we are - we are fleeing from the terrifying idea of being left alone. But more importantly, we are running towards the people we are already bound to love, looking for them through the vast sea of others. These are not many, but a few. Several people in this world that we feel as if we have known for millenniums from the first second we lay eyes upon them. People, you know you can't live without. Today, perhaps you have met one. Or perhaps not yet. Some never meet them in a lifetime. But you still love them. You love them and are bound to them without realizing it. And, no matter what they do, who they are, or become, who you are, you will love them, you will look through every valley and mountain top and deep sea cave and cloud and road for them, because they shape you, they complete you, they are you.

"We are bound to others, past and present. And by each crime, and every kindness, we birth our future."

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