петък, 3 април 2015 г.


will always be
in the back of my mind
and I will always compare
the love affair
you gave me

to all the lovers who follow

their stench of sweat and sex
to the scent evaporating
from your pores
when you slept by me

but I no longer
let you into the fore of my mind
not your face
and not your name
and not the way my lips touch
right at the middle of it.

and that song,
I did not quite fade into you, lovely

alas, now, you
ought to fade into me
where, at the back of my head
nerves will remind my fingertips
what your skin feels like.

whilst no chest will quite
pillow my frail mind
quite like yours did
that does not necessarily mean
that I can't pillow my own dreams
or that I can't sleep in another's bed.

Bath, 2015

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